Most couples go forward in a relationship believing that the best of all worlds will open up to them, and for some, that’s true. Others discover – over time – that the day-to-day reality of sharing life with another person can be complicated, confusing or downright maddening.

  • Traits that once attracted you to a partner may now seem problematic or exaggerated
  • Communication skills may have broken down over time
  • Intimacy may be interrupted by long work hours, kids, illness or other reasons
  • Financial struggles are causing repeated arguments and stress
  • Trust issues have developed over time


Our trained couple’s therapists can help you develop relational skills that will restore your connection in the marriage by teaching:

  • How to express your needs and expectations
  • How to negotiate conflict.
  • How your personality style affects your relationship so you can enhance what works and curb what doesn’t
  • Appreciation for the differences you fell in love with and how to use them to deepen intimacy and compassion for each other

If counseling reveals that separation is inevitable, the professional therapists at BeWell Counseling and Wellness can help you negotiate a reasonable ending to your relationship with sensitivity and respect.